Make a friend for life - get someone to cuddle, spoil, and watch knock your stuff over!

Our passion

We are an Ottawa-based cattery specializing in the breeding of quality, The International Cat Association (TICA) certified, British shorthair kittens. We absolutely adore all of our cats and make sure that they receive lots of attention and all necessary care. This means, both parents and kittens get lots of play time, healthy food, and all vet appointments for vaccinations and tests.

“He's a wonderful companion, very well trained and so friendly.”

I recently brought Adam home and it has been such a fantastic experience. The entire process was very professional and organized, and I had him home sooner than I thought possible. He's a wonderful companion, very well trained and so friendly. He adjusted to his new home in a matter of days and has been gentle and curious. I would recommend Charming Brits to anyone!
Happy Cat Mom of Adam!


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